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partial list*

AT&T, Martinez (New 400 amp., main house service panel with generator and ATS's)

AT&T, Monterey (New HVAC)

AT&T, San Francisco (New fire water pumps)

AT&T, Palo Alto (13,000 sf building addition, 3000 amp. main house service panel, with generator, PG&E service, etc.)

Carmel River School, Carmel (New classroom building)

City of Monterey Police Dept., Monterey (Tenant improvement)

Del Monte Glass, Monterey (New building, PG&E service, site lighting, etc.)

Great America Towing, San Jose (New fuel tanks and fuel management system)

Interm Crisis Facility, Salinas (New building, PG&E service, etc.)

Laguna Seca Office Building, Monterey (New building, PG&E service. site lighting etc.)

Marriott/Sprint, Monterey (Load study)

Monterey County Bldg. B, Monterey (Tenant improvement)

Monterey County Seaside Clinic, Seaside (Tenant improvement)

Monterey Peninsula Surgical Center, Monterey (New surgical room)

Monterey Police Finger Print, Monterey (Tenant improvement)

McIntyre Residence, Los Gatos (New residence with photo voltaics)

Natividad Hospital, Salinas (X-ray room, new generator feed to building, new trailers)

Natural Selections Food, San Juan Bautista (New building, 60,000 sf, food processing)

Roosevelt Elementary School, Salinas (Complete Campus modernization)

Santana Row, (Solve main breaker problem two days before grand opening)

Salinas Valley Eye Associates, Salinas (New building including two surgery rooms)

Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital, Salinas (Tenant improvement)

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